Subscriptions Now Available

Subscriptions Now Available

Planning for holiday services can be stressful. How many people will attend this year? Do we offer enough service times? How do we serve communion with our increased congregation attendance? World Communion Cups is now offering  subscription based ordering. Take the worry out of planning for your holiday communion by subscribing to your supply of pre-filled communion cups. Your subscription can be processed every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks.

How does it work?

Select your Communion type and quantity.
Choose your subscription interval.
Place your order.
That's it!

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Pre-Filled Communion Cups

Our Pre-Filled Communion Cups are the best option for sanitary communion distribution to your congregation. We have designed our cup to be the easiest and quietest opening pre-filled communion cup available. Our trademarked design is perfect for elderly hands as the tabbed seals are very easily opened. Your services will remain distraction free as the cups are nearly silent. Most of all, your communion will be sanitary as the cup distribution is hassle-free.

Our Story

World Communion Cups was founded in 1983 to supply a consistent product to churches all over the world for World Communion Day. The product was thoughtfully designed by engineer, Kenneth Hagen. Over the years, the company grew through word of mouth, and was purchased in 2011 from the Hagen family by the Kovey family.

World Communion Cups is currently a working ministry that not only produces premium prefilled communion products to churches and ministries, but also provides jobs and training to people re-entering the workplace and society here in Central Indiana. Your partnership directly funds that effort.

We have recently purchased property in the small town of Brownsburg, Indiana, where we operate our headquarters and production from a 4,000 sq. ft. facility, built in 1940, which was formerly home to a local Baptist church. Renovations and revitalization of the facility are currently underway, to serve you for decades to come.