Sample Pack (Use Discount Code Free)

Sample Pack (Use Discount Code Free)

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Use Discount Code Free to receive 1 free sample kit. World Communion Cups is proud to offer 1 free 20 piece sample pack, with free shipping.

Regular Wafer Ingredients

flour, salt, water, vegetable oil.

Gluten Free Ingredients

free of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs, soy, nuts, and corn flour mix, (garbanzo bean, tapioca, sorghum, fava beans, potato starch), water, canola oil and salt.

Whole Wheat Wafer Ingredients

wheat flour and water

Grape Juice Ingredients

Grape juice from concentrate concord grape juice is a dark
purple, highly flavorful grape juice. it is produced from mature, unfermented concord grapes by pressing into juice, then clarifying, and detartrating. water and sodium benzoate (food grade preservative) added.

Sacramental Wine Ingredients

Mogen david wines are 100% certified kosher and perfect for
your next holiday or family gathering. all ingredients, production, and winemaking procedures for mogen david wines are carefully crafted to align with kosher-compliant procedures.


Distracting Noise

Communion shouldn't be a distraction. Make sure it's Fresh, Easy, Sanitary, and Quiet.

Our trademarked cups are the quietest and easiest to open communion cups available.

Quiet, Easy Open
Cups Designed with purpose

Our chalice cups have been designed to be elegant without producing noise when being opened. Our cups are easily opened due to Silent Seal Technology™.

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