Meet Our Team

Jessica Rodgers

Church Advocate

Stephan Kovey


Ray Bergman

Sales Manager

Our Service
How Can we serve you?

Every Church partner receives their very own Church Advocate here at World Communion Cups. Our Advocates work here, but are tasked with serving the need of you, our Church Partners. They are knowledgeable regarding our products and the process of presenting communion in your church. They will always be reviewing your orders to make sure that you are receiving the best pricing and value. We are always looking for ways to be better stewards of your financial resources.

They also follow your order from when it placed until it is received at your church. if you ever need to know your order, feel free to contact your Church Advocate for more information.

In the rare chance you receive a product or service that falls short of your expectations, contact your Church Advocate and they will do everything possible to correct the situation to your satisfaction

In addition, they are great resources in helping to give you ideas on how to improve the process of distributing and taking communion.

Our Story
World Communion Cups was founded in 1983 to supply a consistent product to churches all over the world for World Communion Day. The product was thoughtfully designed by engineer, Kenneth Hagen. Over the years, the company grew through word of mouth, and was purchased in 2011 from the Hagen family by the Kovey family.

World Communion Cups is currently a working ministry that not only produces premium prefilled communion products to churches and ministries, but also provides jobs and training to people re-entering the workplace and society here in Central Indiana. Your partnership directly funds that effort.

We have recently purchased property in the small town of Brownsburg, Indiana, where we operate our headquarters and production from a 4,000 sq. ft. facility, built in 1940, which was formerly home to a local Baptist church. Renovations and revitalization of the facility are currently underway, to serve you for decades to come.