WCC Benefits for Mega-Churches

Mega-Churches face unique challenges because of the large number of church members they serve. World Communion Cups offers a special program to provide the best communion solutions and experiences for Mega-Churches and their church members. It’s not easy to serve hundreds or thousands of members at a time, and without a good program for communion, an extra burden will be placed upon the Pastor and management team. Without ever realizing it, the Mega-Church may find themselves investing an inordinate amount of time and resources rounding up volunteers trying to serve communion themselves. They may also be losing valuable time within the service while serving communion. Time which may be spent on longer sermons and other parts of your service.

World Communion Cups will provide everything from best practices to the premier products available for serving communion within your church. You will have your own dedicated Customer Service Representative to assist with how to serve communion at your church, how to order and stock your communion products, and which products suit your church best.

How To Enroll

To enroll your church in our Mega Church program, please call our Customer Service department at (812) 397-2930. We will be happy to connect you with your own dedicated Customer Service Representative to answer questions, establish your account and assist you with your first order.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe and sanitary. Product is hermetically sealed.
  • Easy to open and quiet – does not disrupt service. Juice and wafers are separated.
  • We have juice, wine and gluten free wafers available.
  • Elegant shape appearance of communion chalice. Trademarked design.
  • Clear cups. Can see product.
  • Chalices are unmarked. No marketing on seals or chalice.
  • Products made by a ministry.
  • Concierge level service. Benefits of having a direct contact and personal relationship at WCC.
  • Products are efficient to use, with extremely low waste. We can help you train your staff on best practices for you communion.
  • Cost effective communion solutions for your church. Reduce strain on Church Management. Reduce volunteers needed for communion. Good financial stewardship.
  • Immediate availability when ordering.
  • Skid packaging. Easier for church to receive/handle.
  • Subscription ordering (if desired).
  • Special options & support for your church.

Samples and How to Order

Please contact our Customer Service Department at (812) 397-2930, or, email us at to discuss your churches communion needs and for any questions you might have.

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Sample Pack (Use Discount Code Free)

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